Box-type pressurized water supply unit

Reliable operation, environmental friendly and pollution-free

Technical parameters

Capacity———————●  0-1000m3/h
Pressure range———————●  0 ~ 2 . 5Mpa
Control power———————●  ≤550kW
Pressure regulation precision———————●  ≤0 . 01Mpa
Ambient temperature———————●  0 ~ +40 ℃
Power source———————●  380V×(1±10%)

Core strengths


Introduction of international advanced technology

Unique configuration: equipment introduced by "watersupplyequipment promotion center" takes the lead in development of watersupplyequipment. Advanced international technologies and key equipment and special pump is adopted to prevent burnout of motor and equipment due to limited space of water tank and heating of conventional motor



Food-grade stainless steel materials are used for water tank, pump, pipe, valve and other materials in water in the complete equipment. They supplywater in a sealed way to prevent secondary pollution, which is sanitary and environment-friendly.


Guarantee pressure of pipe network

Adjustpeak water use, and intelligent solenoid valve is used at inlet of water tank to control feed water and water level. Booster pump pumps water from the water tank and supplies water for users by pressure superposition when pressure of pipe network drops, that is to meet user needs and protect pressure of pipe network.


Running reliability

Water tank supplies water in the event of peak water use or interruption of tap watersupply. This greatly improves reliability of water use and completely meets tap watersupply code.


Energy conservation

The booster pump is in dormant state through variable frequency control when pressure of tap water meets requirements for water of users. The pump can make full use of excess pressure through superposed pressurization to save electric energy significantly when water use reaches the peak or pressure of tap water fails to meet needs.

Applicable range

Scope of applicable region: Applicable to regions where requirement for urban watersupply stability is relatively high or pressure of municipal pipe network is unstable or watersupply is insufficient.
Type of applicable engineering: Water for production and life of industrial and mining enterprises and large watersupply intermediate booster pump station of tap water plant.
Part of applicable engineering: Secondary pressurization system of watersupply.
Other Applicable range: Domestic water for building, reconstruction and expansion of residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings.