Service Features

Sewage discharge

Urbanization prefabricated pump station based on ecological water environment construction
Dedicated to ecological water civilization construction. To improve sewage discharge system, Hangkai Technology has designed and manufactured urban-rural integrated prefabricated pump station through research and development of high-end technology. Its high-efficiency sewage lifting, safe and effective rain and sewage diversion technology, and industry-leading control system guide the course of technological development.

Water supply

High-quality Water Supply Dedicated to People's Livelihood
Non-negative pressure water supply based on pressurized and constant-pressure operation of pipe network. Hongkai Technology maintains the quality of its water supply products through years of technological innovation, which guarantees its reputation of good quality and service and a leading place in the water supply market.

Water purification

Service of High-standard Domestic and Industrial Water Quality
In the spirit of the people-oriented strategic focus and with dedication to water quality guarantee, deliver safe water to clients with a high-performance team and high-quality services.

Professional team with an abundance of patents and proprietary technology

Professional team and a large number of patents and proprietary technology
Years of accumulation of numerous patents and proprietary technology and the guideline "Make cities smarter and water affairs more intelligent" have taken Hangkai Tehcnology to the cutting edge of technology and innovation and laid a good foundation for the construction of ecological water environment.

Business Domain

High-quality service customized for client

Water supply

Non-negative pressure water supply equipment

In order to meet the requirements of domestic or industrial use of water, use controllerssuch as PLC and frequency converter for automatic regulation of outlet water pressure. This results in high-end water supply products of constant-pressure water supply and ensures the safety of water usage.

Water purification

Sewage lifting

Hangkai Group is dedicated to the construction of ecological water environment, The urban-rural sewage product it developed through independent R&D guarantees its leading position in the domestic market of sewage discharge with its high-end quality, first-class technology and ultra-low failure rate.

Smart water

Direct-connected water supply unit

With enterprise innovation as the goal, Hangkai Technology and the Hitachi Group of Japan have made concerted efforts to design a high-tech water supply product through research and development. This product has many advantages, such as multi-mode control, fault self-detection and good sound insulation effect

Water supply

Water treatment equipment

High-tech products that purify the quality of water supply through biological, physical and chemical methods to reach the water quality standards required by clients. Meanwhile, relative functions of these products include water quality monitoring, fault alarm and automatic cleaning.


Smart water

To establish a smart water system and realize the goal of creating a brand-new intellectualized water system on the basis of high-end technology, Hangkai Technology made great efforts to create a smart water platform, which serves as a flag of this era.
Enterprise declaration
Make the city more wisdom, make water more intelligent.

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