Regional watersupply booster pump station

Energy conservation and environmental protection, save a space

Energy saving
Realize superposed pressurization by dint of excess pressure, saving over 50% of energy consumption.
The same
Pool and other water storage structures are unnecessary, saving more than 90% of land.
Unattended operation guarantees watersupply safety.
Environmental protection
Watersupply is sealed to prevent secondary pollution and public safety hazard.Save pool and other civil engineering.
Provincial investment
Save built pool Such as civil engineering

Core strengths


Remote monitoring system

The system is capable of parameter setting and modification and reloading of program by network. It can conduct preliminary diagnosis for hardware fault through parameter analysis, and handle potential equipment fault beforehand by inquiring running report and early warning information on mobile phone. It truly solves software fault by network and hardware fault at a time.
Intelligent combined dispatching and control model design is used to conduct combined dispatching for multiple pump stations on the basis of water demands. This can realize intelligent control and combined dispatching between pump stations.


Prevention of water hammer

Unique design of structure and controlsystem function effectively eradicates damage to pipe network and equipment by water hammer due to sudden power failure or halt of pump; it also prevents water hammer collapse or pump stop and avoids a series of safety accidents like pipe burst.


Function of regional watersupply booster pump station

Unique water conservancy calculation model gives full consideration to short-term and long-term needs and realizes automatic regulation.


Protect service pressure of municipal watersupply pipe network

With the most professional, advanced and reliable controlsystem, the company is the only enterprise capable of producing high/low-voltage switchgear assembly in the industry with the longest history of production and the highest qualification level; unique control function design can effectively protect balance between pressure of municipal incoming water and watersupply, but it will not affect municipal pipe network or disturb water use of end users.


Harmonic protection of equipment

Corresponding to frequency converter and other high harmonic generation equipment, it can effectively inhibit influence of high harmonic on other external equipment.