Maintenance Service
Whole-process Service
Periodic Inspection
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Our Commitment

Commitment 1

Client's technical staff is responsible for the daily maintenance work of equipment manipulator, and will hold professional training classes on the installation, debugging and use & maintenance technology of relevant equipment.

Commitment 2

Strengthen services before, in and after sales, and implement "24h service", "future-oriented service", "whole-process service" and "lifelong service" in the whole process of product manufacturing, installation, debugging and repair.

Commitment 3

Establish detailed client equipment file and make periodic return visits, carry out periodic inspection and equipment overhaul, and provide equipment maintenance for free.

Commitment 4

Meet the management unit's requirements for spare parts, and promise to repair damages caused by product quality for free within the period of warranty. After the expiry of warranty, only cost price will be charged for replacement of equipment parts
Breakdown Maintenance
Here we will introduce some fault diagnosis and measures to help you with troubleshooting and early management
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