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Talent concept:Talent is the driving force of enterprises

Pay attention to personnel training

Personalized management system

Unlimited career development

The core of enterprise development lies in people. Hang Kai Ke Ji pays attention to talent training and respects human ability and value. Hang Kai Ke Ji good at corporate cohesion and teamwork,a management model that respects people, distribution, and execution. Pay attention to personnel training. The realization of enterprise value comes from the distribution of talents. Through internal training, on-the-job training and expatriate learning methods, systematic training of employees.
HangKai new energy company by a group of passionate and talented young people. Represents the people of the times who strive for dreams! We yearn for freedom, whether it is a humane management system or a harmonious relationship with colleagues; We love life, whether it's traveling or going to West Lake for tea and chatting; We advocate profession, whether we pursue ideals or realize self-worth; We are people-oriented, for the ideal person to provide unlimited career development and generous welfare benefits, serious work, happy life,Hangkai new energy company expects you to join us!


A unified treatment
Paid annual leave/performance bonus/regular physical examination/holiday/holiday gift/five social insurance and one housing fund management specification/post promotion/award for the best employees/public companies/large scale, development space is large
  • 1Sales branch manager
  • 2The sales manager
  • 3Sewage manager
  • 4Electrical manager
  • 5The mechanical manager
  • 6Overseas sales manager
  • 7Senior software development engineer
  • 8Marketing manager
Working place:China
Experience:5 to 7 years of experience bachelor degree and above
Hiring:There is no limit

Job responsibilities:
Company sales task to complete
1, the company operating on the basis of industry situation, development strategy planning and marketing strategy planning, organize the formulation of branches/offices to long-term business strategic planning and annual business plan.
2, organization branches/offices to complete the annual market information collection, sorting, analysis, formation of annual market analysis and report.
3, organization completed branches/offices annual sales strategy and sales plan and implementation.
4, on the basis of branches/offices strategic development planning, company ISO management system standards and approved by the head office for examination and approval of the branch annual management plan, further perfect the management system and construction branch/office.
5, strictly implement the contract management contract sum/contract management specialist issued by collection system, balance payment after payment system regulation, serious contract management system execution method and attitude.
6, establish or perfect the branches/offices risk control system, further improve the company's risk profile and risk resistance capacity.
7, we will further improve the branches/offices the use of "heavy contract, keep promise" mechanism.
8, team building and development, education and training, performance and motivation, enterprise culture and labor relationship management, etc.
9, timely complete other tasks assigned by the head office sales director.

Job requirements:
1, with market development ideas, and marketing planning ability;
2, 5 years and above working experience in sales and sales management of the project, the water supply industry is preferred;
3, has a good organization, coordination and communication ability;
4, with a high sense of responsibility and team work spirit