Smart water

Urban water service internet of things

Achieve real time sensing of urban water supply and discharge system's operating state with online monitoring equipment such as data acquisition and transmission device, wireless network, water quality and pressure gauge and so on; organically integrate water service administration and water supply-discharge facilities together in a visual manner to build an "urban water service internet of things”; carry out timely analysis and processing of massive water service information and make assistant decision-making suggestions based on the processing results in order to manage the overall manufacturing, management and service process of the water service system in a more refined and dynamic way, thereby achieve the so-called "Intelligent' state.


The data center


Pipeline GIS system


Intelligent monitoring system


Network model system


Integrated management platform

Unified Data Center

Information unified

Water related systems, and equipment maintenance of the unification of data, such as construction management, to solve "information island" problem of water systems.

Architecture is complete

Based on the data center, the realization of the sharing of data flow of horizontal and vertical water company core IT architecture.

Convenient maintenance

Realization of the sharing of heterogeneous data fusion and high efficiency of the underlying data maintenance and reduce system development cost.

Decision quickly

Realize all-round display all information to enhance decision-makers insights into the enterprise operation condition.

Four System of Hangkai Smart Water

GIS System of Water Supply Network

Integrated Data Service Support

The data can provide integrated service for analysis of amount of water, first-aid repair of burst pipe, aided design, pipeline modeling, SCADA system display and so on.

Convenient, efficient, anytime, anywhere

Integrate GIS data and SCADA monitoring data to mobile terminal to achieve management of water supply network at anytime and anywhere so that it's convenient for field staff.

Three Management Platform of Hangkai Smart Water

Wisdom water comprehensive management platform

Multi-source data unification

Implementation of water supply and drainage, sewage, such as multi-source data unified platform, unified display, unified management.

Dynamic Monitoring

Monitor pipe network in a dynamic manner through remote sensing technology and GIS technology integration.
Provide features such as complete data access, cleansing, conversion and so on.

Three-Dimensional Analysis

Support analysis of areas affected by pipeline accident, intersection analysis, connectivity analysis and horizontal span analysis.
Automatically display the burial depth, material, shape, direction and surroundings of underground pipeline in emulation mode.

Warning Management

Support urban drainage pipeline and urban sewage plant accident alarm.
Schedule first-aid repair, rescue in time to prevent the accident from spreading.