Direct-connected pressure water supply unit

Silent and Anti-vibration, stable watersupply

Capacity●  0 ~ 500m 3/h
Pressure●  0 ~ 2 . 5Mpa
Ambient temperature●  4 ℃ to 40 ℃, if beyond this range must take corresponding measures
Ambient humidity●  No more than 90% (20 ℃), no condensation
Power supply voltage●  380 x (1 + / - 10%) V, three-phase five line
Power frequency●  50Hz±2Hz

Note: Equipment operation site should be no conductive or explosive dust, no corrosion metal or destruction of insulation gas or steam

Core strengths


Backup function of unit

Switch to normal pump to continue to run when the pump or frequency converter breaks down for any reason. Moreover, the manipulator can replace DISP circuit board to control 1# and 2# pumps to continue to run even if control unit (DISP circuit board) raise an exception. Switch to motor load current control and continue to run in constant pressure control mode when pressure sensor raises an exception.


Stable watersupply

Control stability of watersupply pressure by constant pressure at the terminal


Easy maintenance

Clip-on joint is used for easy maintenance.Easy installation and disassembly of junction

Energy-saving control

Energy-saving control that considers loss of pipes on the basis of change in water consumptionRealize efficient running that saves energy



Pump, motor, control panel and other components are integrated in the interior of box with good soundproof effect, realizing good mute performance.

Countermeasure against high harmonic

Standard configuration [high harmonic suppression rectifier].Corresponding to frequency converter and other high harmonic generation equipment, it can effectively inhibit influence of high harmonic on other external equipment.


Anti-vibration measures

Anti-vibration rubber gasket is used at installation position of pump in the unit, and anti-vibration rack is set!


Applicable range

Domestic watersupply for newly built residential quarters, villas, office buildings and complex buildings.
Domestic watersupply for high-rise buildings, fire fighting, high-grade hotels, restaurants, etc.
watersupply for life and fire pressurization, etc. when tap water pressure falls short of requirements.
Water for production and life, and pressure stabilization of pipe network of industrial and mining enterprises.
Transformation of pneumatic watersupply, ground pool pressurization and other traditional watersupply systems.
Various circulating and cooling watersupply systems.
Cold watersupply system and hot water for various boilers.
watersupply capacity and pressure can be designed as required by users.