Integrated prefabricated pump station for urban drainage

Energy conservation and high efficiency, stable equipment operation

Product parameters

Capacity●   0 ~ 60000 m3 / d (single tube)
Pressure range●  0 ~ 0.6 MPa
Control power●  0 ~ 220 kw
Ambient temperature●  - 20 ~ 40 ℃
Medium temperature●  0 ~ 40 ℃
control power●  380 v (1 + / - 10%), three phase five line
Power frequency●  50 hz plus or minus 2 hz
Cylinder volume●  1.5 m3~200 m3

Core strengths


Dual system technology of controlsystem

The effective volume of cylinder of integrated prefabricated pump station for urban drainage is limited, generally 1/4 of maximum pump capacity. The requirement for stability of controlsystem is very high as the sewage just stays temporarily in the cylinder. Huge safety hazard will be caused once the system breaks down.Our company develops the most advanced dual PLC control mode mainly to automatically switch to standby PLC system for control if main PLC system breaks down. This greatly improves stability of equipment.


Floatage automatic cleaning technology

The density of some garbage in the fiberglass reinforced plastic cylinder is lessthan that of water. It floats on the water after entering the cylinder and accumulates if not timely cleared, which affects effective volume of the cylinder and stability of equipment. The stop signal of submersible sewage pump will drop to an ultralow liquid level to stop the pump and the floatagewill be transportedto the sewage pipe network when the floatage piles up to a certain height.


Dual control technology of pulverizing screen

Intelligent garbage detection device is installed atwater inlet of cylinder of fiberglass, and radar detection technology is used. The device will transmit the signal to controlsystem and the pulverizing screen will be started when the garbage piles up to a certain height. The pulverizing screen stops if no garbage is detected. This technology not only saves energy, but also greatly extends the service life of pulverizing screen.


Automatic technology for dredging cylinder bottom

Solenoid valve is installed at the opening of outlet line of submersible sewage pump, and the line is introduced into the cylinder bottom. It will automatically run for 1min whenever the submersible sewage pump is started to suspend the silt at the bottom in water. This enables the submersible sewage pump to transport the silt to sewage pipe network


Dual control technology of submersible sewage pump

The controlsystem normally controls with liquid level floating ball, and automatically switches to liquid level detection with liquidometer if the floating ball breaks down. Thisgreatlyimprovesstability of equipment.

Applicable range

Water cycle of lakes
Collection and transport of rainwater in urban low-lying areas
Transformation and expansion of old pump stations
Construction and transformation of municipal sewage pipe networks
Collection and transport of sewage in living areas or rural communities
Collection and transport of sewage in urban sewagetreatment plants