Scientific research and innovation

Technology and research direction

Network hydraulics

Structured data extraction

Standard preparation

The urban water supply pump station intelligent integrated control system
"Sichuan province town water supply pipe network operation management standard"

The direct pressurized water supply pump units
The integration of urban drainage precast pumping station

"Sichuan province town secondary water supply operation management standard"
The technical specification for water supply and drainage construction of database system of zhejiang province

Industry project

Participate in national major water projects much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "water pollution control and management of science and technology major projects," tai lake basin water security technology integration and integrated management "project," huzhou NaTaiHu water source water area drinking water safety comprehensive application demonstration ", number: 2017 zx07201-003


After several years of development, the company has trained a team with strong execution and high quality management team, there are one national one thousand program, and Dr 5 people, master of 20 people. More than 80% of bachelor's degree.