Integrated sewage treatment equipment

Stable water quality , APP intelligent remote control

Product Advantages

Device Integration occupies limited area and facilitates transport
Modular structure enables arbitrary and speedy installation and assembling with convenience
Good and stable outletwaterquality
Low operation costa and wide application range
APP intelligentremotecontrol requires no duty shift

Applicable Field/适用领域

Transitionalsewagetreatment, or handling of accident in rural-urban fringe area with no pipe network for the moment and sewage outlet
Emergency treatment of sudden sewage, such as fast treatment of sewage overflow and black and odorous water body
Sewagetreatment of importance, such as in folk tourism village and natural scenic spot
Temporary sewagetreatment, such as construction site with relatively short usage period

Applicable range /适用范围

Water source conservation area and environmentally sensitive area
Treatment of water environment in new countryside, rural tourism site and ecological park
Residential district, office block, hotel and restaurant, and park scenic area
Treatment and recycling of other dispersed domestic sewage of point sources