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Located in the famous national historical and cultural city and key scenic tourist city, Hangzhou, Zhejiang——"heaven on earth" , Hangkai Group Co., Ltd. stems from Hangzhou Switch Plant established in 1958 as one of the first group of 16 manufacturers for fixed-point production of high/low-voltage switchgear assembly in China and the first enterprise specialized in switchgear assembly in Zhejiang with high/low-voltage switchgear assembly series products rated as famous-brand products of Hangzhou.    
The Group has developed into a comprehensive modern enterprise dominated by equipment manufacturing industry and crossing multiple industries after changes in a strong industry background, making great achievements in manufacturing industry, electric power, heating power, water supply, building industry, real estate industry, water conservancy, environment, etc. The Group actively introduces and cultivates high-tech talents, develops scientific research ability, establishes industry-university- research cooperation with Zhejiang University and many other universities.

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The Group has more than 10 wholly-owned (holding) enterprises as well as professional manufacturing bases and research & development centers, and vigorously develops a new pattern of upgrading, transformation and diversified development while keeping complete traditional industry chains. The Group has 4 traditional manufacturing enterprises mainly operating high/low-voltage switch cabinets, power transmission and transformation equipment and large heat-exchange equipment; It relies on traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade and develop water technology, new energy, rare earth permanent magnet motor, solar power, power electronic conversion technology and other emerging industries, and successfully transforms and upgrades 5 companies to operate water quality monitoring system, secondary water supply system, permanent magnet motor and solar power generation system, etc.; and it also dabbles in venture capital investment, cultural tourism, commercial real estate and other fields.

After more than half a century of vicissitudes, Hangkai Group has been revitalizing national industry, adhering to the purpose of "being professional, honest and creative", forging ahead in a down-to-earth way, developing new direction, seeking win-win development of enterprise, employees and society with scientific idea and harmonious attitude, and striving to make contributions to revitalization of the country and nation.

Company Profile

Hangzhou Hangkai New Energy Technology Co.,ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Hangkai Group with a history of more than half a century, located in Kangqiao Industrial Park, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Hangkai Group (former Hangzhou Switch Plant established in 1958) has 13 holding enterprises, including Hangkai Technology, Hoymiles Converter Technology, Grean Water, Jianghui Electric and Perovskite Solar Cell. The headquarters covers an area of 100,000 m2 with a building area of 75,000 m2. The Group set up a research & development base in Hangzhou Haichuang Park and a modern production base in Quzhou in 2012. Sales volume of the Group was ¥1.5 billion in 2010, reached ¥2.5 billion in 2012 and exceeded ¥4 billion in 2015.
Hangkai Technology was specialized in research & development, production and sales of integrated software and hardware in water supply and drainage industry as a national high-tech enterprise, and went public in December 2015. The new secondary water supply equipment produced by the company integrates resource advantages of Hangkai Group, introduces high efficiency and energy conservation of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, water quality safety warning of laser particle calculating instrument and other innovative functions, and leads development of the industry with high-tech products.
The company is equipped with beautiful environment, advanced numerical control equipment, strict technology and control flow, and passes certification of ISO9001/14000/18000 quality system, environmental system and occupational health system. Following the concept of "scientific management, people first", Hangkai Technology establishes comprehensive management architecture, improves modern enterprise management system and cultivates a high-quality management team according to requirements of modern enterprise development. In recent years, the company successively signed strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University to promote continuous upgrade of products through cooperation with professional scientific research institutions. The company won Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2012; non-negative pressure product was listed in catalog of skill promotion products of Zhejiang in 2013; the company was rated as chief editor in industry of direct-connected water supply unit and took charge of preparation of national standard for industry of integrated prefabricated pump station in 2014.
Centered in Hangzhou headquarters, Hangkai Technology sets up over 20 offices, branches and subsidiaries in Beijing, Sichuan, Qingdao, Ningxia, Ji’nan, Hainan, Hefei, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other key provinces and cities, establishing a sound national sales and after-sales network. To "make cities smarter and water affairs more intelligent", Hangkai New Energy will serve customers with the corporate culture of "integrity, win-win, creativity and responsibility", and Hangkai people will pay persistent attention to human demands for water and be devoted to improvement of water environment with excellent talents and leading technologies.

Development History

Startup  ∨

May 2010

The first contract signing

May 2012

Won scientific and technological achievement award of ministry of housing and urban-rural development

March 2013

Its non-negative pressure product was awarded as Famous Brand of Zhejiang province and promoted

August 2014

National high-tech enterprise

December 2014

Secretary of provincial committee Xia Baolong visited the company for inspection

January 2015

Innovative Enterprise

October 2015

Zhejiang university Linjianhua visited the company

May 2016

Software Enterprise

November 2016

Exclusive interview of the company on the CCTV programme Half-Hour Economy

March 2017

Research and development of the 13th Five-Year Plan project drinking water safety and integrated management of Taihu lake

January 2010

Hangzhou Hangkai New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was founded

February 2011

Strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Zhejiang university

August 2012

Awarded as excellent innovative enterprise of Zhejiang province

October 2013

Won Independent Innovation and Scientific & Technological Advancement Award of Zhejiang Province

September 2014

Responsible for preparation of national standard for industry of Direct-connected Pressure Water Supply Unit

December 2014

Scientific and technological enterprise of Zhejiang province

March 2015

Responsible for preparation of national standard for industry of UrbanIntegrated Prefabricated Pump Station

December 2015

Listed on the “New Three Board”

July 2016

Responsible for preparation of national standard for Smart Water

August 2018

National Production Safety Standard Enterprise


Making continuous efforts to become an even more outstanding and excellent enterprise

Company Tenet


A man cannot succeed without integrity. Enterprises cannot survive without integrity. Many enterprises are talking about integrity, but few of them can practice it in the impetuous era of fame and fortune.
Integrity is not only a character, but also a responsibility; not only a morality, but also a code; not only a reputation, but also a resource. Integrity is the embodiment of keeping promise and integrating knowledge and action. Hangkai people have been cautious and conscientious, and persisting in integrity since 1958, which is the source of our survival and development.


Many factors contribute to success of enterprises, and every enterprise can not succeed without effort of employees, support of shareholders and understanding of customers.
so we pay more attention to benefits of cooperators when we succeed. Enterprises can only develop in a more sustainable and healthier way and make brilliant achievements when employees enjoy fruits of development, shareholders receive more profit and customers get satisfactory products or services. Win-win situation is the basis of long-term cooperation between us and our cooperators.


How far can an enterprise go depends on whether it has a common dream and a high-quality innovation team, which is what we call creativity. It is the perfect combination of dream and innovation, and the key to undertake great cause of Hangkai people.
Innovation requires our teams to dare to think, do and try, and keep surpassing others and ourselves. Dissatisfaction with our existing achievements is the impetus for our progress. We introduce many industry elites and absorb some university graduates into our teams, hoping to promote continuous development of our cause through joint efforts of two generations.
Many of our Hangkai people gradually develop a common dream ---- lead development of the industry through unremitting efforts, and help employees and the company to grow together in the difficult process of making glorious achievements.


A successful enterprise should have a sense of responsibility. Internally, we are responsible to employees, and give them a platform of growth and development for them to achieve their dreams;
for shareholders, we take the same responsibility, and we can only get their long-term support by giving them hope and return;
for customers, we take incumbent responsibilities, and ensure that all of them get good user experience as they are our gods.
Externally, enterprises are an important part of the society. Apart from creating tax revenue and solving employment, we should also participate in more activities of social welfare, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, and do our best for harmonious development of the society. Hangkai people will pay persistent attention to human demands for water and be devoted to improvement of water environment with excellent talents and leading technologies.