Tank-type non-negative pressure water supply equipment

Professional water quality monitoring and safety alarm

Technical parameters

Capacity———————●  0-1000m3/h
Pressure range———————●  0 ~ 2 . 5Mpa
Control power———————●  ≤550kW
Steady flow compensating tank———●  0 . 5m3 ~ 100m3
Pressure regulation precision———————●  ≤0 . 01Mpa
Ambient temperature———————●  0 ~ +40 ℃
Power source———————●  380V×(1±10%)

Core strengths


Wate rquality monitoring and safety warning

Equipped with laser particle analyzer that provides great support for waterqualitymonitoring and safety warning of pipe network, the company is the only enterprise that undertakes two key national science and technology projects ——subject research on water in the industry with powerful technical support.


Plasma welding equipment

The welding technology of core components is advanced and reliable. The company is the only enterprise using imported original plasma welding equipment in the industry.

Energy conservation

Equipped with rare earth permanent magnet motor pump, saving over 20% of energythan traditional three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors in the whole process, the company is the only enterprise with rare earth resources and permanent magnet motor manufacturing in the industry.


Professional controlsystem

With the most professional, advanced and reliable controlsystem, the company is the only enterprise capable of producing high/low-voltage switchgear assembly in the industry with the longest history of production and the highest qualification level.


Applicable range

Domestic watersupply for newly built residential quarters, villas, office buildings and complex buildings.
Domestic watersupply for high-rise buildings, fire fighting, high-grade hotels, restaurants, etc.
watersupply for life and fire pressurization, etc. when tap water pressure falls short of requirements.
Water for production and life, and pressure stabilization of pipe network of industrial and mining enterprises.
Transformation of pneumatic watersupply, ground pool pressurization and other traditional watersupply systems.
Various circulating and cooling watersupply systems.
Cold watersupply system and hot water for various boilers.
watersupply capacity and pressure can be designed as required by users.