Water treatment equipment

Portable equipment, Full-automatic controlsystem

Technical parameters

Applicable flow range———————●  0-1000m3/h
Germ removal rate———————●  99.9%
Total hardness of outletwater———————●  <300mg/L
Applicable pressure range———————●  0.1-3.0MPa
Applicable power supply———————●  380 v (1 + / - 10%), three phase five line
PH value of outlet water———————●  6.5-8.0
Turbidity of outlet water———————●  0.1NTU
Iron content of outlet water———————●  <0.2mg/L
Precision of pressure adjustment ———————●  ≤0.01MPa

Core strengths

Integrated design
Adoption of integrated design
Limited area of occupation
Small investment, low operation cost
Portable equipment
Portable equipment with high flexibility
Full-automatic controlsystem
Configuration of full-automatic controlsystem
Convenience and efficiency
High stability
Skilled crafts, high stability
Long service life
Convenient operation and maintenance

Applicable range

Applicable to domestic direct drinkingwatersystem forhotels, hostels, buildings, communities, schools, hospitals, scenic regions, etc. This system has passed provincialhygienic evaluation, and is a new type of watertreatment product. The waterpreparation process of direct drinkingwater is clean and pollution-free with no discharge of any poisonous, harmful or environmental polluting liquid waste, completely eradicating secondary pollution. The direct drinking waster is pure with a sweet and smooth taste. Fresh and tasty direct drinkingwater is availableat all times. Direct drinkingwater suits the needs of modern urban residential areas, schools, office buildings, etc. and it improvespeople’s living quality.